Friday, 3 September 2010

All creatures great and small!

Let me introduce you to Pickles - he and I have spent some blissful days just sitting, chillaxing (!!) on top of the guinea pig hutch.  We were watching next door's dog, Penny.  I think she might have been having a fit!  She kept running around and shaking and jumping and barking!  Oh, Josh has just told me that this is perfectly normal behaviour for a dog!

When Penny isnt out, we just sit and chat!  Oh the things Pickles tells me!  You would NOT believe what goes on out here in the evenings - HEDGEHOGS! Yes, truely!  Snuffling and digging around.  Pickles said he tried to eat one once but it attacked him with little spears!

This is Gramarian and I having a little chat about grass.  Yoda is in the background - he doesnt talk about grass ever - only carrots - which is why Gramarian likes to talk about grass with me.  He is usually complaining that the grass is on the outside of the run and not the inside.  We just can't work out where the grass inside the run goes to!  Its so bad that Josh and his mum have to pick handfuls from the garden everyday to drop in the run...and then even that grass disappears.

Neighbours...everybody needs good neighbours, doo be doo be doo be dooooo da.  This is AMY and Penny.  I think Amy is quite dreamy - but her little doggy keeps interrupting whenever I try to chat to her!  Sigh!

Looking for ants!  There are some there, honest!  I moved some wood and there were hundreds of them.

But they didnt seem to have time for a chat!

Thanks for stopping by, more animals another day!

Monkey Monkey!