Friday, 27 November 2009

Nice and scary people at Harold Hill Library

Wow - isnt it strange how one library can have so many nice people in it?  This is a picture of me with Jo - she is the Reader Development Librarian whose area includes Harold Hill.  Her job is to get young people and children to use libraries and love books.  I think she does a very good job.  When I met her she was recovering from a really busy visit from some children who had come to listen to people talk about the local area and what it was like when they were younger.  She is showing me a picture of her little boy on the Baby Bounce poster.  She told me that she has another baby in her tummy - I cant ever imagine being THAT hungry!

Then I met Janice who also works at Harold Hill - she has been reading my blog and remembered that she had a tea-towel with a monkey on!  Guess what?  She gave it to me!  How generous was that?  I thought it was so kind of her....she did make me laugh, she thought it was me on the tea towel.  I tried to explain that it was nothing like me - it was the famous monkey on the teabag adverts!  He is a bit full of himself if you ask me!

Ok - see how smiley and happy this man is?  Well dont let that fool you!  He was trying to tape me to a box and send me on the courier van!  If someone wants a book that isnt in their library they can request it and the library will try and borrow a copy for them.  Sometimes we lend books to really far away places - Josh's Mum said that the service has lent a book on Southend Pier to Poland! - I wonder why they wanted to read that?  Anywho....all those books need to be packed into boxes so that they can be sent to the library they are needed - Adrian told me that they send a lot of books around to different libraries and they all need to be accounted for and packed up safely.  He suggested I take a closer look.....and the rest, is history!  Luckily, Alison (one of the other ladies working there) spotted him and told him off!  Phew!  ANOTHER lucky escape!

Do you remember my first day, when I had my interview with Sam?  Well he was over at Harold Hill working when I was over there.  I remembered him as a really friendly person - he even tried to rescue me when the girls wanted to dress me in pink!  Well, he didnt seem so friendly today! - Look at this picture of him - he looks like he made a mess down his looked like ketchup but I am wondering if it was something far more sinister.  And the look on his face suggests that I could be right!

Mind you, the people in the background seemed to be having good fun!  Oh thats Viv and the My Story crew!

Well, you will be pleased to know that Alison came over and took me out for a teabreak after this picture was taken so Sam didnt get his teeth into me!

Monkey Monkey!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

A trip to Harold Hill and a very important lady!

Do I look like I am gazing at this lady in awe????  Well she is the big boss lady of Havering Libraries and she wanted to have her picture taken with ME!  Ann (she told me to call her that and not ma'am!) has heard all about my blog and wanted to meet ME!  We had a lovely chat together - she has a new grandson so I think she was very comfortable holding me so close - she kept saying how lovely my hoodie was (think she had designs on it for her little sweetie!). 

I was so proud to meet her and we chatted about libraries and all the things that go on in them - I had no idea that libraries were involved in so many different things - they really are "Community Living Rooms!". For instance - at Harold Hill they have Baby Bounce (for the little ones)Read and Rhyme, lots of class visits, a Teen Zone, Reading Buddies, Homework Helpers, Teen Zone, lots of fun things going on in the holidays, a reading group, Young at Heart Group (need to be polite when I describe this - actually, think I wont try and then I wont get in trouble!) - they also have people from the council to help with benefits advice and things - oh and Learn Direct and CAB - phew - thats only the things I remembered from my chat to Ann - I am sure there were more though!   I did have a lovely little chat with Ann - there are such nice people in libraries.....

And here is one of them.....this is Karen showing off one of the special bags that have been made to celebrate the 50th birthday of Harold Hill Library.  Gosh 50 years is such a long time - Josh's Mum said she used to work at the library as a library assistant - she seemed very miffed when I asked if she used to look out and see the dinosaurs walking past in the mornings!  I still dont know why she went so huffy!

I bet you cant guess what is making that bulky shape in the bag - oh you can?  Oh - well yes you are right.....its me!

Karen said that it would be a great photo to have me in the bag!  Hmmmmm - I dont THINK it was anything to do with me keep chattering when Josh's Mum and her were trying to get on with some work!  The reason we were at Harold Hill was so that Josh's Mum could come and look around the library and make sure it was all tidy - it really was!  But then we went into Karen's office and it was so full up of boxes - dont know how she can possibly squeeze herself into it and do the fabulous work she does!  Karen is an absolute sweetie who really cares about the people who live in Harold Hill and who visit her library.  Although, I am not so sure she likes chattering monkies quite as much!

Mind you, she couldnt have disliked me too much as she gave me a special mug - she said it was plastic so it would be ok if I dropped it.  Did I tell you that I am sometimes a little, teensy bit clumsy?  Well, I prefer to say that things develop a life of their own around me - they just always seem to be jumping up and trying to escape! 

Hmmm - not sure what Josh's Mum was thinking of when she took this picture - really wasnt one of her best!  I did tell her that she should be careful not to let the bright light coming in the window mess with her camera but did she listen?....well view for yourselves!   I still wanted to put this picture up though (despite the quality) because it shows the wonderful Wall of Happiness!  All of those little coloured splodges are actually post-it notes (or something of the like!) and lots and lots of people have written what makes them happy on it.
A surprising number of people wrote chocolate and their families.  I think I would have written a good back scratch!  And maybe a nice banana.  And, of course, my mate Josh.  And his mum (have to write that as she reads the blog before I post!). new job in libraries!  YAY!  This other picture is not to show the computers (although they are free to use and are connected to the internet and you can get lots of online stuff like encyclopaedias) but it was to show the size of the Wall of Happiness - the people coming into the library certainly seem to have a lot of happiness in their lives!
 Phew, my hands are quite tired now - going to have a mug of hot chocolate in my new Harold Hill Library mug!  Night Night

Monkey Monkey x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

International Me! Second post today

I know I just finished posting - but I went and had a look at the "numbers" page and saw that someone from America has been reading my page - wow!  OK - I was pretty chuffed to see someone from Pinner on there - thats a posh place in London - but America?!!!  Wow!  You know what, I also have people looking from Beckton, Brighton and Harlow - I thought it would only be local people (if anyone!) - look at me, I went global!

Monkey Monkey x

As I suspected....

Josh and his mum have been ill with piggy colds - mentioned this in my post earlier this week.  So I thought I would wander down the road and see if I could help any of the staff at Elm Park Library - this is our local one, in case you wondered why I am always going down there.  I spent the day trying my best to deal with customers - you can see that I was really good at answering the if you spoke to someone at Elm Park Library today and they sounded like me....well it was!

I decided to help them put the books back on the shelves.  They have to go back in just the right place because otherwise no one can find them again.  Ok, I know that NOW, but I didnt realise that to start with - I was very proud of my red books display!  Louise seemed quite cross to start with - but then a lady came and took one of the books out and she decided to leave the display as it was!  Louise said that they tried out all sorts of ways of displaying the books to persuade people to try something new and that my red book display seemed to be working very well

Elm Park Library has the most wonderful little garden!  It was a bit rainy so I couldnt go out but it did look lovely.  In the summer they are planning to hold storytime sessions out there - I cant wait, can you?  Well, I am quite tired after all my labours - it was really quite busy in the library today.  Back tomorrow - unless I get the elephant cold - think thats what they called it!  Monkey Monkeyx 

Monday, 23 November 2009

Wing Chun!

Here I am - ready to go to Wing Chun!  This is a kind of martial art that Josh does twice a week.  He is a yellow belt but he lent it to me so that I could go too!  Josh is in training for his orange belt at the moment - he has a grading next Saturday!  If he does well then I may be able to keep this belt!
Sifu Terry is really very loud!  He makes us all do press ups, sit ups and burpees to warm up and then we had to practice our "form"...this is a series of movements that are used to defend yourself if you get attacked.  Sifu was very strict and said that we could only use what we had learnt as defence and should never use it to start a fight.  I had good fun!

Gonna be a bit quiet for a couple of days because Josh and his mum have both got Piggy Colds - I do hope I dont get one - I mean, I'm not a pig....or a bird - they get flu too....havent heard of monkey flu.,...yet!

Monkey Monkey!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Monkey eating bean bags at Elm Park Library!

Friday was a quiet day for me - Josh's Mum had to do paperwork and emails in the morning and then she went to the final CSIT evaluation meeting - so I thought I would head back to Elm Park Library for another adventure!

This is a picture of Sarah, one of the library assistants over at Elm Park Library - she showed me how to find a book on the computer catalogue thingymabob!  I found out that I can get books from all over London because Havering set up this joint system - so if I wanted to know about Outer Mongolian Sheep Warbling and the only book on it was in Richmond then I could just get it sent over - adults have to pay a little fee for this but its still cheaper than going all the way to Richmond for it - and a lot less hassle, especially if you have short legs!
I chose to read a book about a sheep that lost her knickers so I settled down on one of the bean bags in the children's area of the library

It was really comfortable sitting there - I just loved the colours and then snuggled right down to read my book.  It was ever so funny and, as I read, I snuggled even deeper into the bean bag.  Odd things those bean bags - they sort of expand around you - and before you know cant get out!

It didnt matter which way I wriggled - I could flip myself over onto my front or lay on my back - I just could NOT crawl out of the thing - it had me in its wicked clutches.

Until Sarah came and rescued me!  She was my hero!  She held my hands while I wriggled myself upright and then helped me to climb out.  If it hadnt have been for Sarah......I may not have been blogging this now!
Thanks Sarah! x  Monkey Monkey X

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Couldnt post yesterday!

I couldnt post yesterday because Josh's Mum wasnt very well and had to go to bed early - that meant that I couldnt get the laptop out on my own.  Never mind, here I am now! 
This picture is of me and Sue Lowe comparing our colour sense - we obviously both felt in a red mood yesterday!  Sue is the Voluntary Volunteer Co-ordinator for libraries - this means that she does a very good job getting all the volunteers sorted out and into placements but doesnt get paid!  WOW!  Thats one very special lady!  Sue told me that we use a lot of volunteers in libraries, for all sorts of different roles.  Some volunteers come and help out in the Summer only - they are Summer Reading Challenge Volunteers - they come and listen to the children talking about the books they have read, then they encourage them to read more books!  Some of those volunteers also help out all year - they are Reading Buddies and they help by listening to the children actually reading their books.  I had to ask Sue about these two again because they sounded like the same thing - but no, the first one talks with the children about what they have read, the second actually get the children to read to them.  She said that we also have volunteers who help people with the computers, some that help out with children's clubs (teaching them to knit and things like that) and then some others who go out to people's houses with books.  Sue explained that not all people can get to the library so these volunteers work with staff and go take the library to them!

Josh's mum said that all the volunteers were really important and they helped libraries do lots more things than they could do on their own.  Yay the volunteers, thats what I say!

Today there was more paperwork!  More emails - Josh's Mum let me answer a few myself!  And some more work on the plan for the year - the Local History Librarian sent us a list of all the important anniversaries for the next 5 years and they needed to be slotted into next year's plan. 

Then we went off to the Warhammer club at Hornchurch Library.  Josh's Mum forgot to take the camera so I had a little nap in the car - she said she would remember to bring it next week and that I could blog about it then!

Nighty Night

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Off on my own today!

Josh's Mum had to go and do another session of CSIT today - you know the meeting I went to last week about evaluating what culture and leisure do?  She was booked to go and do a 1:1 with another member of staff straight afterwards so I persuaded her that I should pop out to one of the libraries on my own - to "familiarise" myself a bit more.

I decided to go back to Elm Park Library and see how everyone was getting on.  They were really busy!  Lots of people were choosing books, using the computers and asking questions.  Then I saw this!

I asked Louise what it was as it was sat right near the entrance and people kept going up and pressing the screen and then just leaving.  Louise explained that it was an RFID machine - every book has a special little tag inside and that means that the machine can recognise them without anyone having to scan the numbers in or even touch the books.  You cant see the plate where you put the books - hey it was warm, ok? - but you just put the books on this special (warm) plate and then put your ticket in - press the screen a couple of times and hey presto - your books are issued.  I just thought it was amazing!

Louise had a lot of fun showing me - it can "do its thing" in different languages (not monkey though!) and also has a special screen for children.  Louise said that children loved using it and so did retired people!  When I was talking to Josh's Mum about it later on she said that libraries often got things before supermarkets - for instance, libraries had barcodes before they were on beans in the supermarkets!  And libraries are getting RFID before the supermarkets do!

Due to the fact that I am a little "height restricted" Louise had to help me to reach the buttons - I just think she liked holding my hand!

When people return their books they can use it too - they just put their books on the plate and the machine wipes them off their ticket.  If any of the books are wanted by somebody else they put them into a special box on wheels so that they dont get put back on the shelves by accident.

It was dark in there - thank goodness for Louise!

I am going to have a little lie down now - but not in a dark room - it was pretty scary!

Nighty Night

Monday, 16 November 2009

Have learnt so much today!

This is Matt with me today....we were at a demonstration of a system that our library and some other libraries are thinking about subscribing to.  The system is calleds SmartSM and it helps the libraries to make the most of the books that they have on the shelves and ones that they are planning to buy.  Matt is the stock editor type person for libraries - his job is to make sure that we have the right books in each of the libraries at the right time.  He was really happy to see me and just kept laughing - must have found something funny but I am really not sure what!

I didnt know very much about how libraries choose their books - never really thought about it to be honest!  It turns out that it takes an awful lot of work to get these books onto the shelves and someone has to decide which ones to buy, how long to keep them and how to make sure that they are being loaned to people.  This new system promised to make this whole job alot easier - it uses a logical way of looking at all the information that comes from the loans system and it then tells you how many books on which subject you should have on your shelves to keep everyone happy.  It can tell you how well each individual book is performing - just amazing stuff.  I must admit that it got a bit confusing but Josh's Mum and Nicky seemed to be bouncing up and down in their chairs....I thought that they might have needed to go to the "little girls room" but it turned out that they were just really thrilled with what the system could do and how it would help the libraries to have the best possible selection of books on their shelves.  Sounds good to me!

OK - I promised I would find out a little bit more about this "social networking" business.  Most libraries now have websites which means that people can find out about the service and possibly use the catalogue.  These are great as far as they go but sometimes people need to know a bit more or be reminded about what is out there.  So the staff at our libraries have tried to use other ways to "talk" to people:- 

One of these ways of talking to people is through their Havering Reading Group on Facebook - I have heard that this blog is mentioned on there!  This was set up so that people could recommend books to each other and let people know what they were reading.

Lots of people go on Youtube to look at videos and so HaveringLibraries have put some of their videos on there too - I was watching some last night - there was a strange "Goat Lady" and she kept calling "Betty Betty!" - most strange to see in a library - oh and she had a goat in the library too!!!

I have heard that Stephen Fry does an awful lot on Twitter - so one of the library ladies set up a Twitter account - this is used to update people on all sorts of things - most popular books, events and the suchlike - they have called it HaveringLibraries - not original but it definitely works!

And finally - there is this blog - I just love being here and Josh's Mum has checked and 28 people looked at it last week!  Wow!

Need to go and lay down to recover!

Nighty Night

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Read and Rhyme at Elm Park Library

I had so much fun yesterday at Elm Park Library.  I met Jan who works there - and Louise and Sarah were there too!  Jan was running something called Read and Rhyme and said she was going to read us a great book about some dinosaurs - she also said that she would put a review about it on our Facebook Group.  Josh's mum said that anyone can leave a book review on there - you just need to go to Facebook and search for Havering Reading Group and you will find it.  I may write something more about this strange thing called "social networking" when I find out a bit more.

Back to the Read and Rhyme - Josh's mum said that Read and Rhyme is  a special time when pre-school children come to the library and listen to a story, sing rhymes and sometimes do colouring.  I was so surprised to find this running in a library - I had thought that you had to be quiet in a library, but Josh's mum said that libraries should be lively places, not like morgues!

  Jan had made some little dinosaurs that we could colour in and then put on our fingers and use as puppets - you can see mine in the pencil tub!

There was a little boy there and he helped me with my colouring - he was really nice and kind to me!  We laughed a lot when we realised we both had hoods and I asked Josh's mum to take a photo of us both with our hoods up.  He had such a nice smile - it made me feel all sunshiney inside.

I really liked the pictures in the book - they were so bright - and Jan did a really good job of reading it - although Essie (the little boy's mummy) and Josh's mum kept laughing when she called one of the dinosaurs a Trannysaurus - I didnt get why it was so funny and I thought they were a bit rude for laughing...I didnt see them trying to say any of the long words - I bet they couldnt!

I am going to see what I can find out about this Social Networking business tonight and then post again tomorrow (or Monday if it takes a long time to find out!).

Monkey x

Friday, 13 November 2009

BIG Meeting and little people!

Josh's Mum said that we needed to go to a meeting this morning and that it was really important because we were going to be evaluating the services across Culture and Leisure (Libraries sit in this group within the council).  When I arrived everyone was very surprised to see me but they were all really kind and, before the meeting, let me have my picture taken.  Martin had brought along lots of food to "sustain" us - there were lots of orange juices, and some lovely fruit....just couldnt resist having a banana, or two!  Actually, Josh's Mum said that I couldnt have anymore after my 4th one as other people might like to eat them!  The meeting took quite a long time because we had to look at all the things we do with partners (we do lots and have so many really good people who work in partnership with us) and also we had to look at how we managed our resources and if that met with what the public wanted us to offer.  It was all very enlightening. 

The only thing that did confuse me were all the initials that were used - LLC, RFID, CSIT etc - Josh's Mum and Manjeet were going to play a prank on Lauren (who was typing all the information straight onto the forms) and just say some random initials to see if she realised that they werent real.  I frowned at them and suggested that it wouldnt be kind to do that! Lauren seemed to really like me and we had a lovely chat at coffee time.  I never drink coffee - too much caffeine affects my sleeping terribly! 

I was really fortunate to get a chance to chat to Don when I had finished my drink. Don told me all about Playfest during the summer - it sounded like it was so much fun - thousands and thousands of children all came to parks and played together at the same time.  They got to join in and do lots of fun stuff.  Josh's Mum said the mobile library was there for the 5 days too - they went to a different park each day and had loads of children (and some adults) making badges and mirrors.  Then the people went onto the mobile library to have a look around and take out books if they wanted to.  There were lots of other things going on and the children all had such a good time that we are going to be doing it again next summer.  I hope I will be able to go along to it too.
This smiley man is Simon - he is head of Culture and Leisure - the big boss man!  For such a big boss man he was very friendly.  We talked about all the places I was going and what I was going to see.  He made sure that my hood was up in case I was cold - actually it was quite warm but I didnt want to make a fuss! 

I left this picture until last - its a picture of Manjeet and me - I was looking out of the window because it had just stopped raining.  Manjeet loves monkies and has them everywhere - she was very pleased to see me and cuddled me very tightly.  Manjeet is the Marketing and Research Officer for Culture and Leisure.  The bit of her job that seems to keep her busiest is ensuring that people who live in the area know all about the things that are happening.  It can sometimes be difficult to tie everything together because so much is going on at any time but she seems to do it fine!  I think she has alot of coffee as she seemed to be very excitable - I like her....alot!

In the afternoon I went to Elm Park Library to visit their Read and Rhyme session which was being run by Jan - but my hands are nearly falling off with all the typing I have done - so I will post the pics and tell you all about the fun I had tomorrow!

Nighty Night

Thursday, 12 November 2009

More paperwork and Burger King

OK - now I am sure people in libraries do something other than paperwork, but it didnt feel like it today!  Josh's mum spent ages writing up all the planning sessions her team had on Monday and Tuesday - she said that its a great job to get done as it means everyone knows what they will be focussing on next year.  My bum got rather squashed sitting in the same position for so long!  She then emailed it out to all the libraries and asked them all to pick one month's theme that they liked the look of to focus on.  Collier Row and Elm Park Libraries were really quick and picked Grow Your Own (March, Elm Park) and Thrifty Living (Collier Row, February).

I got so tired of sitting waiting, and my bum was really quite numb, that I thought I would pop out and find the book I had been reading on Monday at Harold Wood Library.  It was all about the local area and had lots of photographs in it with people wearing really funny clothes and animals pulling carts along.  I am so glad I didnt live then, I much prefer the car!  Josh;s mum told me about the local history section in Havering Libraries - they have all sorts of things from olden times that show us how our area has changed over the years.  They have lots of really big maps and rates books that give you a real inside view to life at the time.  I would really like to visit at some time soon.
When I got back, Josh's mum was having a 1:1 with another member of staff - they were talking about what sorts of things had been done over the last month or so - and also what they were planning to do over the next month or so.  Kay, the staff member, works from Collier Row and Romford Libraries and she was saying that she was going to be delivering Treasure Boxes (Bookstart, I need to check these out!) to her nurseries and playgroups and that she was also organising a visit to the library from St Patrick's School and Mawney School.  One of the things they were saying had happened recently was an event called Birthday Boys - this was to celebrate famous literary (cant say that word!) figures - they were joined by readers in Romford Library and walked around the library reading out poetry and the like.  The people who had popped in to take out books were very surprised, but the cabbies enjoyed it when they read outside the library.  She said the highlight was when John Barfoot read "Charge of the Light Brigade" whilst strolling around the library!

After school pick up we went to Burger King with two friends from Josh's school - Josh was so hungry he even checked to see if I had any nits he could eat!  Of course I didnt, Josh's mum had had those at lunchtime!

Josh then tried to persuade me that I liked cheese chilli things!  As you can see, I wasnt eating it willingly!  It was foul!  Even Josh didnt eat it - but they all seemed to get eaten by someone and Josh's mum was suspiciously quiet!

Have just taken a peek in the diary and we have a meeting to go to tomorrow morning and then we might be visiting a school to drop some books in and also popping into Read and Rhyme at Elm Park - if we get the time!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Funny old day!

Hmmmm - I dont like office stuff!  We spent the WHOLE morning doing emails this morning - and we still didnt get through even a tiny percentage of them all!  Who gets so many emails for goodness sake?  Oh yes, Josh's mum!  There were emails on all sorts of things - about authors who want to come and speak in libraries - oooo and one from a man called Mr Custard.  Mr Custard and Mr Ballooney both come to the library during the school holidays in the summer and put on shows - they do fun and games parties, puppet shows and circus skills - they are really really good (according to Josh's mum - and the 500 or so children who saw them last summer!).  They get really busy so Josh's mum has booked them ready for next year so that we can get them when we want them.

By 9.30 I was ready to go and kept trying to hint as much - I even went and sat in Josh's mum's basket by the front door and she still didnt work it out!

SO - after all the paperworky type stuff and emails we had to go and see Nicky Dunne - I met her and she was lovely, not at all scary like I thought someone that important would be!  Nicky and Josh's mum were interviewing for a new Saturday Assistant for one of the libraries so I couldnt go in with them. 

I wandered around the library for a little while and then discovered loads of orange bags!  It confused me why you would want to get orange bags from a library - I did wonder if they might be for people to carry their books home in!  A very kind lady explained that the bags were used by people for putting their recyclable rubbish in so that it could be collected on its own and recycled.  This seems like such a good idea, I spent quite a long time telling all the people in the library about them but they all seemed to know about them already!  I am just amazed at how many different things you can get at the library - more on those another day.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Second post in one day! Scroll down for the first one!

I met the other half of the Reader Development team today - well almost all of them, Jo is off at the moment so I will meet her soon!  Jacky does an awful lot of dancing and taught me some moves - think we did quite well really!

We had to have a nice cup of hot chocolate with our meeting - we were planning what to do on the Children's side for next year - we are going to have so much fun....for Christmas this year we are going to make Santa's with wobbly arms and legs - cant wait to join in at that session!  The team are just organising posters for it now so soon people will be able to book onto the session at their local library.  There are lots of other events going on over the Christmas holidays too, I am sure I will find out about them as I go round the libraries.  Did you know that all of "our" libraries have plasma tv screens in them?  They show all sorts of information on them - we were laughing at Harold Wood yesterday because Josh's mum was on one - she was soooo funny - she wasnt meant to be!

And this is a picture of Kay, myself and Jacky - Kay works at Collier Row and Romford Libraries doing children's work and Jacky does the same at Gidea Park and Upminster.  Margaret was sitting opposite us pulling funny faces so Josh's mum didnt take her picture - she works at Hornchurch, Elm Park, South Hornchurch and Rainham Libraries.  We had lots of giggles at the meeting - for some reason, everytime anyone mentioned RSPB bird watching events everyone looked at Kay and giggled! 

In the afternoon we went to an events meeting - which was all about finding out what events are going on in the council and making sure that they all have the proper branding and stuff - I was a bit confused at this one but Josh's mum said it was important that everyone in the council was doing the same thing - like using the same logo etc.

Cant wait for tomorrow! 

Monkey Monkey!

Job interview and other happenings

Wow - this is the moment I got my job!  In the picture is Sam Luxton - I was meant to have an interview with Nicky Dunne but she was tied up with other happenings so Sam stepped in and grilled me.  He asked some really difficult questions like what did I know about health and safety?  I said that I knew I should only hold a banana in my mouth if I was swinging through the trees - he seemed to think it was an ok answer!

I then got to meet two members of the team - that's Kathy and Frances (left and right) - they seemed a bit bemused that I was there to be honest, but soon welcomed me on board.  Frances even made sure my hood was up before we left in case I got cold.  It was quite a long meeting but then we were talking about all the things we would do next year - its going to be so much fun but I cant say anything yet!

One of the things I can talk about is the MY STORY project - I didnt know very much about this but it seems that the Reader Development Team (so that makes me a Reader Development Monkey!) have been visiting all the libraries in Havering and encouraging people to write their stories - they help them to put their stories into words and then they are going to enter them online into the My Story BBC website.  They said they have been really busy with the workshops generally but a couple of libraries have been quieter than the others.  I kept asking questions so they decided to sit me down with the fabby magazine and I read that quietly.

This is Sam - he was rescueing me from the girlies in the team - they were all talking about doing Race for Life next year - its a women's walk or run race, that isnt really a race!  They were threatening to dress me in Build-a-Bear outfits to make me look like I was a girl too.  Sam sneaked up and made a grab for me - YAY GO SAM!  He does have a very expressive face dont you think?

Later in the day, Josh's Mum took me to have something called a 1 to 1 with another member of her team.  I had to sit outside and wait in the library as its a 1 to 1, not a 1 to 1.5! I found a great book about Pirates so I was quite happy sitting there reading - and have you noticed, the chair is a really good size for me!  After we had picked Josh up from school and had dinner I went to bed early - I was so worn out - but I now have a job, have met some lovely people and visited Harold Wood and Hornchurch Libraries!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

We went around to Nanny Brmms house today - she has some very nice looking fruit and I couldnt resist a nice juicy orange...yummy.  Now I know that usually monkies eat bananas but I do like a varied diet. 

When I went into the front room I found an elephant!  I was a little concerned but soon discovered it wasnt real!

As you can see, I got really close to it in the end - it was really incredible to look at, but very strange to touch as it was cold and hard - not at all like a real elephant - and I should know
Oh well, got to get an early night tonight - I have my interview tomorrow!  Night Night!