Thursday, 9 September 2010

Wishful thinking.....

Did I ever mention that we live in a little cul-de-sac - or a CLOSE as Josh's Mum calls it.  Or a BANJO as one of the neighbours calls it!  Its kind of a little circle at the end of a road - so actually, I suppose it DOES look like a banjo!

Its relatively quiet down here and a lovely place to just sit and chill.

Until the music man comes with his van!  Josh tells me that it is an ice-cream van - but I just dont understand how a van can be made of ice-cream...I mean, it would melt wouldn't it?

It stops just down the road from our house.  But we must be last on his route and he has always run out of ice-cream by the time he gets to us. I don't understand how he can be MADE of ice-cream and run out of ice-cream.  Josh's Mum says that he only plays his music to let the children know that he has run out of ice-cream - to save them running out to him I suppose.  He is always playing his music when he comes down our road - sigh!

Thanks for calling by

Monkey Monkey x