Thursday, 2 September 2010

A friendly message!

Still no photos!  I am so sorry - Josh's Mum has been monopolising the camera all day!  While I was surfing on her laptop (don't tell her, she can get a bit sniffy about the things I look at!), I saw an interesting email from Chris.  Yes, I know, I shouldnt read other people's emails - ya da ya da!  AND YES, I WILL get in TROUBLE!  BUT - Chris's email had a message in it to me!  Oh wow - almost fan mail!

"I love Monkey Monkey – we have Clever Monkey who went to my sister’s school  until he retired along with her some years ago. He lives on a lovely smallholding on the West Coast of Scotland (with views of Ailsa Craig). He has a wicker basket where he and his friends hang out on top of a set of bookshelves in Vyvien’s bedroom. One terrible day they all had to go into emergency housing because their basket was discovered to have woodworm. Clever Monkey isn’t lonely at all because he and Beautiful Harriet, (a hen who was lovingly made by a family in Canada,) and several Teds, a Grey Rabbit and miscellaneous other friends tell each other very interesting stories all the time. Sometimes they get Vyv to write the stories into books for children to read. Then they love listening to Vyv telling stories about how each of them came to live at Mountain Hall. They specially like the ones about how some of them woke up when Vyv put in ‘The Last Stitch’.   They shout down out of the dormer window  to The Gnome who prefers to live on the side of the bird bath . The Gnome is a very hardy type who has travelled extensively, and once had a photo taken of himself sitting on an ice throne beside an upturned bucket."

Well of course, I am not sure that Clever Monkey was really clever - I am sure the children thought he was, but then little people try to eat pencils (I have seen them doing it - little gnaw marks all over the end of them, and slimy too - yukkk!) so I am not too sure that they are good judges of "cleverness".

Having said that, I would love to meet Clever Monkey - as long as he doesnt bring his basket with him - I think Josh's Dad might be a bit cross about that!  I would also like to have a long chat with The Gnome - he sounds like a very interesting fellow indeed.

Well, am going to go and try to prise Josh's Mum away from the camera so that I can get some photos done!

Monkey Monkey x