Tuesday, 21 September 2010


While I am staying over at Josh's house (Lulabelle is staying at her mum's house) I have to sleep on the sofa/settee/couch.  It is a very nice sofa - very comfortable and lots of room.

Well, there WOULD be lots of room - if it were not for Pickles and Popcorn sneaking in and grabbing the warm spots.  I don't really know how they find them - I wander all over that sofa trying to find a warm spot, but they just jump up and get in one straight away.  I know that they find the warm spots because when they get up for a little midnight snack I go and lie where they were - and it is always WARM.  Oh - don't mention the midnight snacks to Josh's Mum!

And sometimes, it gets even more crowded on here!  I was so desperately trying to have a lie in - but it wasnt meant to be!

Monkey Monkey x

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