Monday, 13 September 2010


Josh went on a bushcraft course, last summer, at a wonderful outdoor activity place called Stubbers.  During the course he learnt how to use a knife, build a shelter and start a fire.

Josh and I decided we would start our own fire in the garden today.  I have to just add that this was under strict adult supervision, so don't try this at home!

First, Josh showed me how to roll the bits of newspaper up really tight.

We put the paper and some tissue into an old WOK that Josh uses for fires.  Josh's Mum said that we weren't allowed to dig out a fire pit in the garden - honestly, no fun at all!

Josh thought I did really well and gave me a thumbs up!  I would have given him a thumbs up back, but errrr, well you can see my problem with that!

Close up of fire, before flames.  My piece of paper is the really tightly rolled one in the middle, with the red on it!

Then Josh gave me his magic fire starter - you rub the two ends together and a spark appears!  But I wasn't very good at it - I kept doing it too slowly, or too quickly, or not hard enough, or too hard!

Josh was great at it though!

Did you think we had forgotten the wood???  Well, Josh told me that we had to put the wood on after we had got the paper alight - who knew?

For a little WOK, it was a very big fire!  Unfortunately, it was also very smoky and stinky!

But I found a solution!

Thanks for popping over

Monkey Monkey!