Sunday, 5 September 2010

Boris's Sky Ride!

We have been planning to go on Boris' (the Mayor of London) Sky Ride for a couple of months now - and finally the day has dawned. 

I wasnt too chuffed with how they were expecting me to travel to be honest with you!  And Josh's Mum wasnt too impressed with Josh's Dad's camera after she saw the colour on this picture!

We went up to London on the train - which was very funny - so many people trying to cram bikes on the train!  This was Josh, his mum and Frankie (our friend) and a random child cycling from Buckingham Palace - I didnt see the Queen, someone said that she had already cycled past!

We had to make sure we were well hydrated.  So, when we stopped I made sure I took on lots of water...even though I didn't cycle the first bit!

I had a slight issue with the fit on my helmet - Josh's Mum said I didnt need to bother wearing it as my head was soft anyway...or did she say that I was "soft in the head"???  She is normally really stern about cycling in helmets - she is always telling Josh..."no helmet, no bike!".

We also had a nice bar to eat. 

Josh and Frankie heard that they were giving away free drinks so went to get one for each of us...they gave them 4 each!   Josh's Mum kept muttering about water being better for them - I think they preferred the drinks they were holding!

I am a little short to cycle very far, but I was determined to have a go!  I put my hood up because I thought it might get a little windy.

I then realised that I really couldn't reach the pedals!

 It was ok though, Josh's Mum said she would pedal for the both of us.  Just between us, there was NO WAY I was going to be pedalling for her as well as me!   The bigger people were given bright yellow tabards to wear, so that everyone knew we were part of the official ride!

Now, don't judge!  We HAD cycled 10 miles!  Or 15km - I think that's how it worked out!

And by the way, it was very yummy thank you very much!  Now, I just need to find a slightly softer cushion!

Monkey Monkey x

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