Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Events meeting

We had our events meeting today.  I love these meetings - they are so buzzy and we get lots arranged - we were sorting out what we are going to be doing up until August.  The Summer Reading Challenge theme is going to be SPACE this year - wow that sounds like lots of fun!  I will do a special post on the Summer Reading Challenge another day because it really does deserve a post of its own.  As you can see, Sam was very pleased to see me again - he apologised for trying to kidnap me last time and gave me a shoulder ride to make up for it.  I really did get to view the world from a different perspective!

This is a picture of Kim, from Upminster Library washing all the mugs up at the end of the meeting.   I was giving her some guidance and generally supervising.  I think she was pleased that I took the time to help her out - between us, I think she would have been totally lost without my guidance!

This is not what it looks like....Sam and Michael (what a super sweet and great manager is he???) look like they are trying to shove me into a tin of chocolates dont they?  But no - they had asked me to help them catch the person who keeps taking all the strawberry creams....the plan is, that I hide in the tin....then when the person comes to take a sweet, I pop out and surprise them.  But -  no matter how hard they shoved and squashed me - I just couldnt fit into the tin!  It was strange though - even when I told them that there was no way I would fit - they still kept trying to push me in!  Hmmmmmm!

Monkey Monkey!!

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